T Th 2-3:30, 2050 VLSB       Education 186AC | Ethnic Studies 159AC | Geography 159AC

Tues/Thurs 3:30 - 5:00 pm
F295 Haas Faculty Wing


Harley Shaiken
· Professor in the Graduate School of Education and
the Department of Geography at UC Berkeley
· Chair of the Center for Latin American Studies
Email: hshaiken(at)berkeley.edu

The Southern Border course is taught at the
University of California, Berkeley

and supported by the

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  Center for Latin American Studies
  University of California, Berkeley


Class for the Fall 2017 semester starts TBA.
Books are available at TBA.
The course reader will be available at Copy Central on Bancroft Way or The Student Store.
The syllabus posted on this site is TENTATIVE. To access a finalized syllabus, visit the site after class begins.