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Mailing Lists

There are three sources from which students will receive course updates and additional materials related to course content.

bCourses (required and automatic):

Your subscription is automatic. You can access a listing of Required Southern Border announcements via bCourses. Through bCourses, Professor Shaiken will communicate new required readings, course logistics, and miscellaneous announcements.

Center for Latin American Studies Facebook Page (optional and highly encouraged)

CLAS Face Book Page

All students are highly encouraged to “like” the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) Facebook Page. When you “like” the page, CLAS posts will be included in your Facebook newsfeed. Through Facebook, Professor Shaiken will alert students to media material and events on campus that reflect course content.

The Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) event mailing list:

This list is not required, although students are encouraged to sign up if they are interested in learning more about CLAS events on campus. To subscribe: Go to http://clas.berkeley.edu/clas-email-updates. Enter your email address, and the other information if you desire.